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Tactical Vests, Plate Carriers, and Chest Rigs by Loaded Gear

The VX Series of Tactical Vests from Loaded Gear features a number of tactical vest models that have been designed to meet the needs of law enforcement and shooting sports enthusiasts by keeping ammo and other essentials close at hand. From fully loaded tactical vests featuring mag and dump pouches to plate carrying models that are fully customizable, the VX Series of Tactical Vests by Loaded Gear will have a vest model that will fit the needs of any user. Most of the tactical vests in the VX Series feature the standard military MOLLE webbing system, which allows for the attachment of additional items such as ammo/magazine pouches, holsters, and tool pouches.

The Loaded Gear line of Tactical Vests offers a wide selection of models for any application. The VX-200 is a great all-purpose tactical vest that features a holster for a sidearm, multiple pouches for rifle magazines, and an internal pocket for storing a hydration pack. The VX-300 Plate Carrier Vest can accommodate front and back body armor plates, up to ten rifle magazines, and features a quick-release pull tab system for removing the vest quickly in emergency situations. For a lightweight option, the VX-400 Tactical Chest Rig provides secure pouches for storing up to six rifle magazines while reducing weight and maximizing comfort. For a complete tactical load out, the VX-100 Tactical Vest comes with a mil-spec MOLLE vest platform, one drop-leg holster for a sidearm and one drop-leg dump pouch for storing empty rifle magazines.

All of the VX Tactical Vests are fully adjustable to fit most adult body sizes while providing maximum comfort. Each vest, plate carrier, and tactical chest rig have been designed to perform under very demanding conditions, and have been constructed using lightweight ballistic nylon for maximum durability. The VX-200 and VX-300 models of tactical vests also come in three different colors, including black, flat dark earth, and olive drab green. Experience a VX Series Tactical Vest for yourself, and see what makes them a top choice in tactical apparel for shooting sport enthusiasts and law enforcement everywhere. Be sure to check out Loaded Gear's complete line of Tactical Accessories and Pouches for more products to add to your tactical load out.