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Tactical Scopes from AR15Scopes.com

AR15SCOPES.COM offers a complete line of Tactical Scopes for many of today's popular sporting rifles, such as the AR-15. Tactical Scopes can range from Compact Prism Scopes to Long Range Scopes. Most scopes in this category sport the popular Mil-Dot Reticle, which allows the user to quickly make accurate adjustments to their scope's windage and elevation settings based on where the target lines up on the reticle.

A majority of Tactical Scopes from AR15SCOPES.COM feature an Illuminated Reticle (IR), which can be switched between red and green illumination with adjustable brightness settings. This Illuminated Reticle feature is great for targeting objects in low light situations. So whether you prefer hunting, spending a day at the range, or participating in shooting competitions, AR15SCOPES.COM has a Tactical Scope to fit your needs.