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High Quality Fire Vaults on Sale

When storing a large number of firearms and other valuables, it is important to have a safe that can provide protection from all types of threats. The FV Series of Fireproof Vaults from AR15Scopes.com offer superior fireproof protection and are fitted with pry-resistant recessed doors to prevent any tampering. Solid steel construction and solid steel locking bolts ensure that only authorized users who have the correct PIN code can gain access to the safe. The interior of the FV Series of Fireproof Vaults is lined with a protective carpet that helps protect the valuables inside from scratches. Internal shelves can be arranged in a variety of positions to accommodate a wide range of rifles and accessories.

The FV Series of Fire Vaults feature two different methods of access. The primary access method is a digital keypad that retains one PIN code and allows for quick access to the contents inside. Two traditional keys are included as well to serve as an alternative method of accessing the fire vault. The large FV-1000, FV-2000, and FV-3000 Rifle Vaults feature additional pockets and pouches on the inside of the door for storing handguns, ammo, and other accessories. If you are looking for superior protection for your firearms and other valuables, be sure to check out the complete line of Fireproof Vaults from AR15Scopes.