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AR-X Tactical Scope

Dual Picatinny Mounting Rails (Detachable)

3X Illuminated Tactical Prism Scope W/ Acc. Rails

New AR-X Prism Scope

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Red, Green, Black
Illuminating Reticle

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Sniper Scopes

Long Range Sniper Scopes

Featuring The 6-24x50 Illuminated Mil-Dot Long-Range 2nd Generation Rifle Scope

Tactical Vests

Tactical Vests

Loaded Gear Tactical Shooting Vests, Chest Rigs, And Molle Acc.

Tactical Vest
Tactical Vests


AR Tactical Rifle Scopes

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Tactical Rifle scopes
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Top Rated AR-15 Scopes and Tactical Gear On Sale

Take your shooting skills to the next level with tactical rifle scopes Designed specifically for the AR-15
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rifle cases
laser sights

All the optics you want for your AR-15

Long range, Tactical scopes, binoculars and spotting scopes for sighting in YOur Rifle

Laser Sights, Quad Rails, Iron Sights And Bipods for AR Rifles

Put Rails on It and attach the kitchen sink, We have it all!

Loaded Gear Tactical Molle Vests, Bug Out Bags And Tactical Gear

Field tested and Gear expert approved Full Line Of Tactical Loaded Gear Products

Biometric Gun Safes, Rifle Vaults And Firearm Storage On Sale

Huge selection of rifle Vaults, Biometric Gun Safes And Rifle Cases To Secure YOur Rifles
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- 30mm Rifle Scope Tube
- Red/Green Illuminated Mil-Dot Reticle
- Lockable Windage/Elevation Turrets
- Fully Multi-Coated Optics
- Cantilever Scope Mount Included
- Flip-Up Scope Caps Included

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1-4x28 swat ar scope
1-4x28 swat ar scope

Popular Types Of AR-15 Scopes & Tactical Rifle Scopes

Time, accuracy, distance, and repetition continuity can all be greatly improved by using the correct optics for the right shooting conditions. Close quarters targeting one would encounter for home defense requires AR-15 optics with a large field of view and a highly visible reticle that leads your eye to the target. In this case magnification can be a disadvantage, on the other hand long range shooting requires powerful magnification and the ability to fine-tune windage / elevation adjustments. As always, versitility is needed for most AR rifle shooters, tactical ar scopes now have the optics technolgy to be used in both close and long range targeting. Think about the type of shooting you plan on doing most and we can help you selct a rifle scope that ideal.

Compact AR Scopes For Target Shooting

The new 3-9x42 IR (illuminated reticle) compact scopes are some of our best selling rifle scopes for AR-15 style rifles. Their compact size and advanced targeting features are ideal for general target shooting. Compact AR scopes have all the same great features as tradional style rifle scopes but are design with a short optical light path allowing a compact size perfect for AR rifles that are being used for mid to long distance targeting.

Red Dot Sights For AR-15 Rifle

AR-15 Red Dot sights are extremely popular for their quick acquisition ability, which makes them perfect for close quarter shooting. Whether you are target shooting or hunting, we've got the newest and most reliable Red Dot Sights available. Also available are multi-reticle red dots with dual color illumination that feature setting in both red and green colors.

Long Range Sniper Scopes

Our newest generation of Sniper scopes and long-range scopes perform flawlessly and have been specifically designed for precision long distance targeting. These popular long range scopes feature the latest in optical technology, such as upgraded fully multi-coated optics and an illuminated Mil-Dot reticle. A key feature of long range rifle scopes are advanced turret systems for windage and elevation that allow for complete control of the scope reticle. When shooting at longer distances, adjustments become extremely important, and a strong AR scope that can hold those adjustments dependable is exceptionally important. Sniper scopes feature all the MOA adjustments needed to target and hold zero at long distances. Extend the distance of your AR like never before with a high power long range sniper scope like the powerful 10-40x50mm that can easily reach distances of 700 yards with a large caliber AR rifle.
AR SWAT Scopes Built Strong For Large Caliber Rifles
The SWAT Scope Series is specifically designed for precision long distance shooting and are built to operate under the most demanding conditions, delivering premium performance at extreme distances. These popular SWAT scopes feature high-impact shockproof construction and have been engineered to withstand recoil from larger caliber rifles. The large 6-36x52mm SWAT- AR is built for large caliber rifles and can handle the recoil of a .50 cal BMG.
Prism Tactical Scopes Mid-Range Targeting
Advancements in optics have lead to the futuristic desin of compact optical systems that use shockproof prisims for magnification. This tactical scopes are compact full featured optics with various optical powers. Most compact prism scopes are fixed powers of 3x,4x and 5x which is ideal for close to mid distance targeting. The new AR-X series of tactical scopes feature various fixed power scopes, with built-in picatinny mounts ideal for quick targeting and mid range shooting. The new ARX-Pro feature advancements in optics that can take you shooting skills to the next level. The Electrosight Series of prism scopes by Barska have been newly designed to offer optimum viewing across multiple rifle platforms, including the popular AR-15 sporting rifle. Featuring superior quality optics, unlimited eye relief, and outstanding performance, the Barska Electrosight is perfect for instant and accurate target acquisition.
swat AR Rifle Scopes

Selecting The Right AR 15 Scope

We carry a large selection of affordable scopes for the shooter who wants a great quality rifle scope, for a great value. offers a wide range of affordable rifle scopes that incorporate the latest optical technology and durable construction and materials but with a more budget-friendly price. We carry a large selection of affordable scopes for the shooter who wants a great quality rifle scope, but cannot justify spending an unreasonable amount of money for one. offers a wide range of affordable rifle scopes that still utilize the latest optical technology, but with a more budget-friendly price. From beginner to seasoned pro, has a quality scope for you.

A Rifle scope is one of the biggest investments you will purchase for your AR. Using the proper rifle scope for your AR application is critical as it will determine the acquisition of accuracy and range. The quality and performance of our riflescopes is second to none. Each scopes are designed to perform perfectly in extreme shooting and weather condition. All of our rifle scopes are reinforced to be edge-to-edge shockproof and designed to withstand the high impact shock of large caliber rifles. We offer a wide selection of the highest quality optics at the best possible price in the market, is you find the same product sold cheaper elsewhere call us and we will try to make you a better offer. Your bussiness is very important to us and we strive to be the top rated retailer of scope for ar rifles. Join our mailing list to get exclusive offers such as free shipping and promotional discounts. Also follow us on social media to get in more deals daily.


Understanding Targeting Distances For AR-15 Scopes

Close Quarters AR-15 Scopes & Sights

The ability to quickly and accurately engage a target is crucial, especially in close-quarter situations such as home defense. So when engaging a target within 50 yards, it is extremely important to have a rifle scope or sighting system that allows for quick target acquisition via a wide field of view. carries a wide range of 1x magnification, and low fixed power red dot sights, laser sights, iron sights, and low magnification prism scopes that are perfect for engaging closer targets.

Mid-Range Tactical AR-15 Rifle Scopes

Identifying targets at distances from 50 yards to 300 yards requires a scope with excellent mid-range targeting capabilities. The versatile 3-9x magnification is featured on many of our popular rifle scope series, and is best suited for engaging targets at these distances. Whether on the hunt or at the range, has many mid-range rifle scopes that can be counted on.

Long-Range AR15 Sniper Scopes & AR SWAT Scopes

For engaging targets past 300 yards, offers two series of long-range rifle scopes for more advanced shooters. The Sniper Series and the SWAT Series are both well equipped to zero in on targets at further distances. Greater magnification range, parallax adjustment, and an illuminated Mil-Dot reticle are just some of the features that give the Sniper and SWAT Series pinpoint accuracy at greater distances.



Biometric Gun Safes

Like many AR-15 rifle owners I want immediate access to my rifle, looking for keys is the last thing I want to do in an emergency. But I'm not the only one in my home, to protect my family, I train them on how to properly handle a rifle and I keep it locked up in a biometric safe. Using a biometric gun safe I can go directly to my rifle and access it in seconds with the quick scan of a finger. Quick access fingerprint safes are best way to keep your gun ready for an emergency in the home. Many users put a lot of money into their rifles and optics, protect your investment with a Biometric Gun Safe.

Large Fingerprint Scanning Biometric Rifle Safe

Biometric handgun safes are proven to be ideal for quick access to a firearm in an emergency but like many ar15 owners I want immediate access to my rifle in an emergency, now you can, with the top rated Barska biometric rifle safe. The Large Biometric Rifle Safe is a great way to keep up to 12 rifles and other firearms securely stored while allowing only select users access to the contents in seconds without the need for a combination or a key. The advanced biometric fingerprint identification System features an optical scanner that analyzes the scanned fingerprint and compares it to unique characteristics of those stored in the safe's 120 fingerprint memory. The optical biometric sensor illuminates key ridge characteristics on the users fingerprint that are unique to each finger. Then converts those characteristics into a numeric digital template using an encrypted algorithm. When a registered user scans their finger the optical sensor looks for the key ridge characteristics matching them to the template stored in the system memory. Only approved fingerprints will be allowed entry. This method insures that actual photos / scans of a finger are never stores only an encrypted numeric template.
Barska Biometric Keypad Safes

New Quick Access Biometric Keypad Gun Safes

Security at your fingertips, the all-new biometric keypad Gun safes by Barska are now available in 4 different size models. These safes feature three secure access methods; BioSecure quick access biometric fingerprint scanner, 4-digit keypad and a mechanical key that is located descreatly in the center of the locking safe module. Don't go searching for your keys in the time of an emergency, go directly to your gun safe and scan your finger for immediate access.

Molle Tactical Vests & Shooting Gear

Take your shooting performance to a professional level with tactical vests and tactical gear accessories by Loaded Gear. We carry a full line of tactical molle vests, tactical rifle bags, range bags and accessories. Travel and store your rifles with loaded gear hard rifle cases / gun bags avalible in all rifle sizes.
Tactical Vests

VX-200 FDE Tan Tactical Vest

Loaded Gear tactical vests are now available in three popular colors; FDE tan dark earth, OD green and standard black. These tactical shooting vests are design to be the go to gear vest for tactical military style shooters, law enforcement, and air soft. Each VX-200 vests comes equipped with a shoulder shooting platform, gear / magazine pouches, gun holster and strong utility belt. Designed by active sport/ military shooters these vests are both lightweight and strong. View all three VX-200 Tactical vests by loaded gear.
Range Bags
New Tactical Range Bags
The new GX-100 range bag by Loaded Gear is the ultimate accessory pack for the range and your outdoor adventures. Equipped with Molle webbing system this bag can be attached to a backpack or pouches can be attached directly to this pack. Handles, pockets, buckle and straps this bag is fully loaded and available in three colors.